Winter bed linen: fleece bed sheets

There are two different kinds of winter sheets, both very, very soft: the flannel sheets, and the so-called coral and thermal sheets .

The first to appear were the flannel sheets, with fabric composed entirely or in greater proportion of cotton, which is subjected to a perching process by which filaments or hairs appear on the sheet They give a super soft touch, like a cotton flake, while providing shelter and avoiding finding the cold bed on winter days, with the consequent savings in heating that this entails.

Then the so-called coral and thermal sheets appeared. They have exactly the same advantages, but the difference is that the fabric is composed entirely, or in greater proportion, of polyester or synthetic fibers, so they also have a very soft touch, similar to velvet. A great advantage of coral and thermal sheets is that the time to wash them dries earlier, and this in winter, if a dryer is not available, it has made them a great success. The thermal ones have a soft knit type, and the coral ones are microfiber blanket type.

A very important detail to remember is that before using any type of sheet it is advisable to prewash. In the case of winter cotton sheets, this prewash is mandatory, since they are much better and above all, it helps to extend the life of the sheet avoiding pilling, while eliminating traces of dyes.

Our bed in Winter

The winter sheets are an excellent solution when the cold starts to tighten, and especially in the changing seasons, at halftime. But when it is very cold it is also advisable to consider the use of duvet covers, which with an adequate filling, with comforters more or less thick as appropriate, will provide a very pleasant heat without increasing the weight on your body.

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