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How to buy


From any page in the store, you can select the products you want to search for them through the side menu, or by deploying the upper marks or words search engine key.


Often, the product that you select will have different options of color or sizes. In that case, select which interests you. The home recharge single corresponding information.


We can see the detail, price, and if it is what you were looking for, press the button to add the product to the cart. We can modify the quantity if you want more than one unit (can also add or remove then from the own car). At this point we also sharing the product through social networks using Facebook or Twitter buttons.


At any time we can access the detail of our shopping cart by clicking view order on the mini-truck, or icon that appears on all pages of the website in the upper-right.


Since the details of the order we can arrange the purchase at any time, or return to the online store and continue looking for other products. The truck will follow in our browser until weve completed the purchase.


After you add the products that have interested us, we return to the shopping cart, and proceed to process the order.


When the processing of the order, if we are not logged, it will request us check. If we didnt have an account generated, we can register now and complete the order later. If we are registered but do not remember your password, we can request it from the link that appears under the registration form on any page of the store.

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From this screen you can register in our online store in just two steps. Quick and easy. Be sure to enter the data correctly, since communications operations will receive them in the mail indicating us, and the default for your shipping address will be what you enter as your domicile.


At this point, he shows us the address we have registered as a user by default. If it is correct for the shipping, we can move forward. Otherwise, if we wish to change the address or send it to any other site, can press the button modify shipping address and generate the desired destination address, or select among which you have created previously. Click the continue button when everything is as we wish.


Once you press the continue button, we are shown this screen, where we already calculated the value of the transport to the destination address, which appears at the top. If everything is correct and we wish to complete your purchase, click the button.
IMPORTANT: Once you press the button, the shopping cart will be gone, and we can not modify the order. If you want to add any other products, we must press continue shopping and complete your order when it is complete.


In this screen we can see a summary of the order in the upper zone, and the different options that are available for payment. We chose that most interests us and click the corresponding button.
Notes: If payment by PayPal is active, he has a surcharge of additional management. To see the detail, you can click the link next to the PayPal button.
If you wish to review once again the detailed contents of the order, you can press the link to the foot (see details of the pending payment order), and the full order will be displayed.


Once you press the button, the connection key for the banking system, which redirects to safe area of the banking entity is generated. Hipertextil does not have access to the payment data entered.
Once you press the button the payment card, the bank payment gateway, where you must select the option to pay with card and press the button to fill in the necessary information requesting the Bank opens.


Payment by PayPal is completely safe, like the previous one, and takes place entirely on the PayPal platform. The screen provides a summary of the purchase, shows the amount of shipping and handling PayPal surcharge, and the total payable. Log data are entered and you choose the desired method of payment. If you do not have PayPal account and want to open one, you can do so at the same time that you make payment quickly and easily.


If you have pressed payment by transfer, will reach this confirmation screen, showing you the count should be performed where the transfer or payment, and the details of the order (the number of the account are altered in the image, but the display shows the correct data). Details for the transfer or payment also receive by email.
Once within 24 working hours from the deposit or transfer, you will receive confirmation from Hipertextil, via e-mail.


From any page, it is possible to access the private area. For this you need to register (registration forms on each page of the online store, in the upper-right there), and clicking on the main menu (left side) area customers.
Once inside, we can see the order that we just do, monitor its status, retry your payment if you are pending, or view and print online bill-if the order is already paid and sent by Hipertextil (from the top menu of the customers area, historical).
We can also manage our personal information, email, password, or subscribe to the newsletter.