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Boutis and quilts by sizes

Boutis and quilts by sizes

All the sizes on boutis and bedspreads

Classification of the boutis-quilts for spring/summer by sizes to find them quickly and without difficulty.

Boutí-Bedspreads for beds of 80-90cm
Boutí-Bedspreads for beds of 105-120cm
Boutí-Bedspreads for beds of 135cm
Boutí-Bedspreads for beds of 150-160cm
Boutí-Bedspreads for beds of 180cm

Maximum quality at the best prices.

Boutí + FEROE cushion covers

Boutí + FEROE cushion covers

23,90 €32,00 €
Boutí DE023 VINTAGE from Tolrà

Boutí DE023 VINTAGE from Tolrà

25,90 €36,00 €

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I am delighted with my purchase, sure I'll be back caught in half the Easter holidays which meant a short delay which I understood perfectly thanks for everything

12/4 at 8:19:00 AM


The product conformed to the characteristics defined in the web. The shipping was fast.

13/4 at 8:51:00 AM

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