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Quilts, ideal in colder times

The quilt is a thick, quilted garment stuffed with fiber or down, which is ideal for colder times, giving a pleasant warmth and turning light on the body. There are comforters of many colors and varied designs for all tastes.

quilts filled with synthetic fiber can be a good option in cases of allergy, and are easy to wash. Down fillings, on the other hand, are the warmest.

In quilts, the padding cannot be removed and is fixed by seams to ensure its homogeneous distribution, ensuring a uniform coat over its entire surface.

Sleep in winter

The best complement for a comforter are the winter bed linen, whether from flannel, or magnificent fleece bed sheets. You can also opt for a duvet, similar to quilts and comforters but usually white or light-colored, and which complement each other perfectly with the duvet covers.