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Duvet, warm and comfortable beds

Duvet, warm and comfortable beds

For all sizes and tastes, with the highest quality.

And prices without competition. Includes selection of products with Free Shipping (identified with the green stripe).

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Duvet Velfont list

Duvet Velfont list

36,50 €49,00 €

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Quick and very good quality items

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The duvet: warmth and comfort in winter

The duvet is, like the quilt, a thick garment filled with fiber or down, which allows to generate a very comfortable microclimate in the bed retaining body heat on cold days.

The main function of the duvet is to provide heat in the bed, but it is an excellent decorative element and perfectly complements the duvet covers, allowing a very interesting decorative and practical versatility.

For maximum comfort in your bed during the colder months you may also consider winter bed linen, soft and extremely pleasant.

On the other hand, an interesting variant of the quilts are the sherpa quilts, which are extremely soft and have a high thermal capacity.

Duvet duo

The duvet duo fill consists of two duvets attached with square brackets. Usually one is 125grs and the other 250grs. This way you can use each comforter separately or both together depending on the cold at every moment of the season. For example, when it is less cold (even in midseason or summer), only 125grs, very light, is used. When it cools it can be changed to 250grs, warmer. And in the middle of winter both come together getting the effect of a thick comforter of 375grs that allows great comfort at low temperatures.

How to take care of comforters

When winter ends and the days get warmer, it's time to save the comforters. It is the time when you must wash and store them until the next season.

The comforter can be washed by hand or with a washing machine, but always with cold water and soft soaps. If you do it in a washing machine, especially use a delicate program.

It should rinse very well and dry without exposing to heat or sun. If you dry it with a dryer go carefully and make sure it is a gentle drying. You can add drying balls to help maintain the fluffiness of the comforter.

Even if you have dried it completely, we recommend letting it air for a few hours or a couple of days if you can before storing it so that there is no trace of moisture.

Consider also taking it to the dry cleaner. They will know how to give the best care to your duvets.

Finally you must store them until the new season. We advise you to use the original bag, or a cloth bag that allows to breathe. You can also use a vacuum bag, but make sure it is perfectly dry.